Friday, 11 February 2011

The Most Important Post You'll Read This Year

Readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan and supporter of From Crisis To Crisis: A Superman Podcast. After nearly 100 episodes, it's still a must-listen on my podcast feed, and the only thing that stops me from listening as soon as it's downloading is the need to sit down and enjoy the relevant issues first. If you listened to the recent episode #82 (and let's face it, you probably did), you would have heard Michael and Jeffrey launch a campaign to get the classic Superman and Batman tale "Dark Knight Over Metropolis" reprinted, possibly as Superman/Batman vol. 0.

Of all the uncollected stories from this era - and let's face it, there are a lot that have never been collected - this is possibly the most notable. It's a great, tight, 3-parter that (serendipitously for this blog, considering this recent post) wraps up the story of Amanda Conner, as well as redefining the relationship between Superman and Batman, allowing the two to grow beyond their frosty and untrusting relationship that was characteristic of the early years of the post-Crisis reboot. Suggestions have been made that the trade could contain Man of Steel #3, as well as the Superman/Detective Comics crossover set during Luthor's presidency that concerned the kryptonite ring (on a personal note, when this story first came out I was keeping up with events in the comics through the Superman Homepage reviews, and when they didn't cover the Detective Comics issue I was pretty annoyed, and it took me several years to get hold of a copy and read it for myself). However they choose to do it, it's undeniable that a reprint of Superman stories from this era would be a bold move DC, considering that since they wrapped up their Superman: The Man Of Steel series of trades we haven't seen any of material from this era reprinted, and may bode well for future reprints or re-releases of out-of-print titles (Exile, I'm looking at you!).

Well, the details are in and the campaign has begun. Check out this post at the Superman Homepage for the full details and get writing your e-mails. Remember the plea to be polite and to the point, and don't forget to pre-order the book if and when it gets announced. And don't forget to mention From Crisis To Crisis in your e-mail!

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