Saturday, 5 December 2009

Not dead, just sleeping

So, regular readers (if such things exist) will notice that it's been nearly five weeks since I last posted here. Contrary to the evidence, I have not abandoned or given up on this project. I have found it difficult to make the time to focus on the project, as a result of two factors. The first is that my last post coincided with me starting the fifth week of my new job as a retail manager, moving from my training base into my home store. The pressures of learning a new job coupled with the busiest months of the year for just about any retailer has resulted in a sharp decline in the amount of free time I have.

The other factor is that the current series under review, The Kents, is a very challenging series. As a British citizen with minimal knowledge of the period in history covered by the series, I have found the reviews and, in some cases, the issue recaps, difficult to write due to the amount of research I have felt necessary to conduct. This is in no way to say that I dislike the series; on the contrary my initial reaction upon the first reading several months ago was that it was a very good limited series and it is one that I have been enjoying rereading. However, I am unable to devote the time required to do the series justice in my writing.

Therefore, I am going to 'cheat' and place The Kents on hiatus until the New Year when I can devote more time to covering the series. I am then going to jump forward in time another few decades and take a look at the earlier life of Jor-El, as featured in issue 51 of Starman.

I'll see you soon for Starman #51!