Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Spidey Podcasts

A big hello to you all. I'm currently in the very unusual position of listening to myself in podcast form on Amazing Spider-Man Classics Episode 13. Due to recording difficulties, the first twenty or so minutes were recorded a month before the rest of the episode, so I have little to no memory of what was discussed. And you'll be pleased to hear that when we remounted the recording, it started at about 10pm, not 3am. Although listening to the next three episodes, the record time gets later and later, and my fragile sanity very audibly starts to crumble...

This is actually my second podcast, although release schedules have made it my official podcasting debut. Later this week, probably Thursday or Friday, you'll be able to hear my debut on Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast. That was a real blast to record, partially because it started at a very sensible time for myself, and also because I really put some effort into a couple of bits from my recap/summary for USM #75. Thanks to the hosts of both podcasts for letting play with their toys, and I hope you enjoy the results.

So, welcome to those new readers who have stopped by after hearing me on Amazing Spider-Man Classics. I hope you'll stick around.


  1. Congrats Eldron!

    I had a long day out on the road yesterday so I downloaded the Amazing Spider-Man Classics episode and gave it a listen.

    I don't think I've ever read any Spider-Man from pre-1985, so it was pretty entertaining getting a peek into Stan's original vision.

    I liked your line about this being the first Marvel appearance of a film crew making a movie that wasn't part of a villainous plot to catch the hero. Clever stuff.

  2. Michael Bradley (omike015)23 August 2010 at 21:02

    It was good to hear you on AS-MC (and to hear new episodes of the show, period). Looking forward to the show getting back in the saddle schedule-wise.

    I'm currently working my way though TW (and CSC), so it will be a few weeks before I get to that episode.