Friday, 2 October 2009

From Crisis To Crisis

A note about From Crisis To Crisis.

Over at the Superman Homepage, two of their reviewers are conducting a five-year-plus Podcast project called From Crisis To Crisis. Their mandate is to cover mostly all Superman comics published between Man of Steel #1 and Adventures of Supeman #649, the final Infinite Crisis tie-in before One Year Later. This podcast is, to be honest, rather good. I have spent many hours listening to the episodes and enjoying their commentary and banter.

To say that this audio project has had no influence on me would be to lie. I am influenced by their efforts, but I have no desire to copycat or plagiarise their works. Yes, a lot of what will hopefully be covered by this blog will overlap with their mandate. However, by including the spin-off titles and appearances outside of the core Superman books (which, as of writing, is not part of their mandate), I hope to go beyond this. I will not be repeating their words on this blog (some of their episodes are two hours long and there's no way I'm transcribing all of that!).

What I will do on occasion is to use their podcast as a reference. Currently speaking, there are very few issue-specific resources on the internet, and their podcast is invaluable for research purposes. I am sure that at some point I will overtake their efforts (certainly not for a while though), and I will endeavour to reference them where necessary.

In the meantime, go subscribe to their podcast. It's great and if you're not listening to it then you're missing out!

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