Wednesday, 8 September 2010

DCU Holiday Bash! II

So, as hinted last time, our subject matter today is about as short as it gets. Three pages, no dialogue. Not exactly the densest of material to tackle here at World of Superman. Still, at least this story exists, unlike Adam Hughes' All-Star Wonder Woman.*

So, before we dive in, what else have I been reading of late? Well, I was going to write about my ambivalence at the latest venture from Mark Millar, CLiNT, but I logged onto google to search out a website to link to, and got distracted for about ten minutes trying to destroy the google logo. In short, I kinda liked it, but all the non-comic pieces were very dull, especially the awkward Jimmy Carr interview. I was a bit disappointed at the volume of reprints, although the larger-sized format made the wordy Turf easier to read.

I've really enjoyed Superman/Batman #75, not so much for the main feature, as I am rapidly growing tired of tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes interacting with a young Clark Kent/Superboy (if you need an explanation as to why this is, perhaps you should take a look at the mission statement of this blog), but for the wealth of interesting backup features. The Calvin and Hobbes-esque Joker/Lex story alone is worth the price of the issue, although the less said about the awkward David Finch art on the story 'Eternal', the better. And Action Comics continues to be one of the best books I'm buying, although I'm reaching the end of each issue and being gently disappointed that it's not the lead in to the upcoming Death issue.

Right, that's enough filler! Let's get into this issue.

The Gift

Writer/Penciller: Dan Jurgens
Inker: Brett Breeding
Colorist: Jason Wright
Letterer: John Costanza
Editor: Darren J. Vincenzo
Cover Artist: Scott McDaniel and Kevin Nowlan
Cover Date: Special 1998
Release Date: 26/11/1997

Superman meets Lex Luthor on the roof of LexCorp, depositing the lifeless form of a large robotic insect. Luthor feigns surprise and innocence at the robot. Superman flies away, his cape in tatters from the fight. Returning to his parents house, Clark discovers an envelope addressed to him on the tree. Santa had seen the fight and has sent Superman a new cape for Christmas.

A small, slight, but nonetheless charming little story. It's no Metropolis Mailbag, but it stands head and shoulders above the last couple of holiday themed stories. The art here is typically great, the team of Jurgens and Breeding at their best. I really like the look on Lex's face when he feigns innocence in the face of Superman's accusation of having unleashed a terrifying giant insectbot on Metropolis, and his expression of utter hatred when Superman flies off. As a side note, this is the first appearance of Dan Jurgens at the World of Superman, and if I ever finish this project, or get within a few years of 'current' comics, then I think Dan will take the prize for the most appearances on the tag list. Well, it's him or Mike Carlin...

The Geeky Bits: blah blah blah Christmas blah blah bla

Well, you didn't think I'd throw in a bio of Dan Jurgens on such a small story? No, we'll be saving that for his true Superman debut, on the 1987 Adventures of Superman Annual #1.

Next on World of Superman: It's time for another iconic team-up between the World's Finest, Superman and Batgirl? Whuh?

*There you go TomO. For more info, check out this post from


  1. Very smooth, Eldron...very smooth.

    I was wondering how you were going to accomplish that without the reference seemingly coming out of left field.

    And I agree about the Lex/Joker story from S/B #75 being the best two pages in it. A very, very close second was the one-pager that dealt with wrapping up the Lil' League story with Rafael Albuquerque on art. Beautiful stuff.

  2. I only read the Lil' league stuff in trade, long after it came out. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but it was a really great story. I'd be happy for this concept to be revisited in a future arc, but kept within the Superman/Batman title as opposed to a one-shot/mini.

    Still, the post has been up for three hours and I have yet to see the entire internet drop by to check things out!

  3. s/b 75, Lex and the Joker is amazing. Would love to see the artwork in this one